Sunday, August 5, 2012

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As I sat on the edge, with the world sitting 30 storey below me, and the wind blowing my life before me, I asked myself this,

"What is the reason not to jump?"

The plunge down would bring an end to my misery, but it will add on to those of my family.
Death is not the option, or rather I did not have the courage to jump.
For 20 over years, life was decent. I slept, ate, studied, played, worked.
Never did I expect that we would go into bankruptcy. To have loan sharks threatening our safety and locking up our gates.
Never did I feel so helpless. To have turned to every relative and friend, till they started to turn me away.
We lost our home, the very house that sheltered us every night. We were in huge debts, and blacklisted by the banks.
I still had a job, but that little pay will not solve my problem.
My parents were on the verge of divorce. My sister was rebelling, and my ex-girlfriend chose to leave me when I needed her most.
What was the point of carrying on?
But fortunately I found the answer to my earlier question. I couldn't jump because my life is worth more than this.
I studied Multimedia Computing in high school, and Business & Marketing in university. I knew I can find a way out with my skills.

Internet Marketing. The largest business in this world. It has no limit to the capacity of customer base. It does not aged. Every year there are a new group of population that lay their first hand on the Internet. Every year there are a new group of population that gotten their 1st credit card.
This is a huge market that will never die. I knew it will be my saving grace. It will be my last bet.

All these were memories from 2008.
Today, my bet paid off. I live a totally different life. The world did not lose another Internet millionaire. And I am still around to change people lives.
Today, I want to change yours.

My success did not come easily. I went through the school of hard knocks, lost many friends, and met new ones. Importantly, I met the correct ones. Out of those, there is this very one that was in the same shit as me. And it was our shit that changed our lives.
I would love to share on my encounter with him, but that will make this email way too lengthy. If curiosity is what made us rich, you should allow your curiosity to see how we did it.

Alright, I promised you my Free eBook. Not to worry as I have not forgotten about that promise. But before that, let me share on what is to come.
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Jimmy Lucas

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